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Abby Normal
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Dreaming is a part of life. Dream big!

Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: Rock or instrumental
Favourite style of art: anime or realistic-ish
Favourite cartoon character: Dante, Zack Fair, Peter Pan, Stitch, Tigger, Scooby Doo, Tinkerbell, and Jack Frost! ^_^
Personal Quote: "Damn"

Stole this from :iconchugoku-4-life:

This looked fun soooooo yep. ;)

Rules: You HAVE to make a choice! You cannot avoid a question or you'd be missing out on the object of this meme

Would you rather....

1. Go over to France's house and spend a day with him or spend a day with Russia?
Me: Spend the day with Russia simply because I'd love to learn more about his country and all dat snooooooow. :) :snowflake:

2. Eat with America at McDonald's or kiss France?
Me: Eat with America BECAUSE McDonald's has a fish sandwich. :shrug:

3. Go on a date with Russia and he is being kind and thoughtful or go out with China and he is always not making sense. 
Me: I would pick Russia because he's awesome like that.

4. Have a pool party at America's house or have a rave at France's house as the host of it is Prussia?
Me: I'd have a pool party with AMERICA BOOYA! Water guns would be involved! XD

5. Have sex with Russia or France?
Me: France

6. Be stuck in a closet with America for 10 minutes or be stuck in a bedroom with France for an hour?
Me: Be stuck in a closet with America for 10 minutes. We'd talk about awesome super hero movies. 

7. Eat England's scones or be stuck in an awkward position with China?
Me: I'd eat England's scones. TT.TT Wish me luck! heh heh

8. Feel a loving embrace from Russia or England?
Me: RUSSIA! I'm not sure why but I feel like it would be like hugging a big......bear....

9. Have a romantic moonlight date with France, or have a fun and energetic date with America?
Me: The fun date with America because we have about the same attention span so I'm pretty sure it would be great. HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!<-Imagine his laughing right there.

10. Kiss Canada's cheek, or actually kiss him
Me: Actually kiss him cause he's a sweetie pie. 

11. Have Italy cook you your favorite meal or Japan to give you a boring lecture about his history?
Me: I'd have Italy cook me my favorite meal! XD It's Italian anyways so yep yep! It'd be AMAZING!!! :iconyayitalyplz:

12. Training with Germany or running away from Germany with Italy?
Me: Training with Germany....He'd kick my ass and that'd be good for me. :shrug:

13. Seduce Germany or take his porn and hide it in your room to piss him off.
Me: Take his porn. It would amuse me to no end. 

14. Kiss Italy or Japan?
Me: Kiss Italy. He's awesome...and he loves pasta....

15. Marry prince Italy or date general Germany?
Me: Marry prince would be interesting I'm sure.

16. Hug Italy or Germany for 5 minutes.
Me: Hug Italy. Huggle! 

17. Sleep with Germany or sleep with Italy to keep him safe? 
Me: Sleep with Italy :shrug:

18. Hug Chibitalia and have her/him/it as a sister/brother/gender-neutral chibi thing or take Chibitalia's place and kiss Holy Roman Empire
Me: Hugs Chibitalia and I become his big sister.

19. Ballroom dance with Japan or listen to Austria's music
Me: Listen to Austria's music.

20. Tug Italys curl or Romano's
Me: Romano's....XD I'd be prepared to run and then offer him tomatoes.....

21. Piss off Romano or Germany
Me: Germany.....I'm pretty sure I'd be great at pissing off both of them though so...

22. Kiss Spain or tug Austria's curl
Me: Tug Austria's curl....:giggle:

23. Dominate Prussia or lick chocolate off of England
Me: I'mma dominate Prussia....;P

24. French kiss France or fight with Belarus over Russia?
Me: Pretty sure I'd die but fight with Belarus over Russia.

25. Wear something sexy and walk around wearing it in front of Germany or cuddle on the softest couch with Italy?
Me: Cuddling with Italy. :meow:

26. Spend Christmas with the Allies or Axis
Me: The ALLIES for the WIIIIN!

27. Go shopping with Poland or piss off Switzerland and have him chasing you through his lawn with a shotgun?
Me: Go shopping with Poland. It'd be fun. :meow:

28. Help Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia escape from Russia or tell England off by saying "bite my shiny metal ass." 
Me: Um........I don't think I'd want to say that to England so I'm gonna say help the terrified trio escape. :)

29. Marry England or China
Me: England :iconyayenglandplz:

30. On Halloween, wear a sexy Devil costume if you're spending it with Axis or a smokin' hot cat woman if you're spending it with the Allies
Me: smokin' hot cat woman. I'll own their souls. :evillaugh:

31. Sleep with America or China
Me: America. I'd get to giggle at his Superman boxer shorts. XD :iconyayamericaplz:

32. Watch a horror film with America or watch The Ring with Japan 
Me: Watch a horror film with America. I can comfort him in his moments of heroic weakness. :giggle:
  • Mood: Humor
  • Listening to: Sonohra!
  • Reading: A lot of different things
  • Watching: Once Upon a Time
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Tomatoes
  • Drinking: Tea

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