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Lucius W.I.P. by meowmeowghs
Lucius W.I.P.
This is a drawing I started a few months ago and have been slowly working on to complete. This is my brain baby, Lucius, and I love him to pieces. 

He's standing in the middle of a river, for those who can't tell....I'm still working on the anywho. He's on top of some rocks and looking up a rock face, debating on how he's going to get to the top.

Obviously this isn't done. I just thought I'd share some work that I'm legitimately proud of for once....even if it IS just a work in progress as of the moment. The blurriness at the edges is due to my scanner. It's not quite big enough to fit my whole piece comfortably.

Lucius is an ORIGINAL character of MY creation so please no stealing......that would make several pandas very sad.....

This is a pencil artwork and will remain so until I decide otherwise...if I decide otherwise. (since i might very well decide I just like it like this, I've put a lot of time and effort into this piece.)

Thank you very much for viewing my piece! 

Britney Spears - Peace sign dancing Have an awesome day! Heart Love 
Cameron sketch by meowmeowghs
Cameron sketch
So this is a concept I did for another of my characters named Cameron. 
The background is still in the works and obviously I still need to shade him, but I thought I'd share what I have down for him so far. :)
The doors behind him are supposed to lead into a church (not that you can tell that from what I have there so far). I plan on making them much more...elaborate at some point in time. The letter on his jacket is a 'C' stands for Cameron.....:shrug:

His a character from my sisters and my imaginations so please no stealing!

Thank you for viewing, commenting and/or faving! :heart:
Mark by meowmeowghs
So this is one of my many renditions of my character, Mark. I'm rather happy with how this one turned out, even if he doesn't have any sort of notable background yet.....Believe me! There is one!'s still in my that's rather useless. It might end up in the picture some day. lol

I did this with Water Color Pencils. I used layers to create the coloring and such. 

This is a character of my own creation and from my own mind so please don't use him or the drawing or anything of the like without my permission. Aside from that! Thank you for looking, commenting, and maybe even Faving! :heart: 

Heart Love Heart free avatar Cute Emoticon Blushing 
Allen Jones/2p America Sketch by meowmeowghs
Allen Jones/2p America Sketch
This is my take on Allen Jones...otherwise known as 2p America. I don't know why I love 2p America so much but dammit he's awesome! :D Just don't let him hear that because it would go straight to his head and possibly from there straight to his pants. JUST KIDDING! ^^;

This was done in pencil and I might color it in at some point....but I might not, so who knows?

Obviously I don't own Hetalia....or the concept of the 2ps..... or anything really.

Allen wants to spank you....with his bat.... :icon2pamericaplz:

Thank you for viewing, faving, commenting and etc!
Winged Horse Sketch Idea by meowmeowghs
Winged Horse Sketch Idea
I don't think I really need to EXPLAIN this one much. It is a concept that I think I've come across before? But at any rate I really liked the idea of it so I decided to draw my way. So here is what I've come up with so far. ;)

The sketch is mine.....and blahblahblah.....

Thank you for looking at my sketch! :hug:


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Dreaming is a part of life. Dream big!

Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: Rock or instrumental
Favourite style of art: anime or realistic-ish
Favourite cartoon character: Dante, Zack Fair, Peter Pan, Stitch, Tigger, Scooby Doo, Tinkerbell, and Jack Frost! ^_^
Personal Quote: "Damn"
Well....I've been working on a few things recently....
That is a 'YAY!' moment for whoever is reading this.....maybe. Or maybe you don't care! lol

I have been drawing and other such things that are sometimes fun...sometimes not.

I also have a job. Hooray for a little spending money that I get to spend on Health related things and college loans. :/ Big bummer, right? If you know....You KNOW!....And for that I'm sorry. lol

As for the wiggly ears thing....I am sad to say that one of my furry friends has departed. But my other 3 are still well and adorable. My cat is awesome.....and he knows it too. 

Aside from that, expect more postings from me sometime soon! 

I'm in a Devil May Cry Mode again so I've been going back through and replaying DMC3.....AGAIN....In DMC4 I finally got to the Dante part...and now I'm leary on continuing since I don't want it to end....:/ It's exactly like when I'm playing Crisis Core...I don't want to finish because I don't want to cry when the bad things that I'm not going to say happen......and......and....:sniff:

Zack: O.o It's okay, Meow! If you go back to the beginning I'm fine all over again!...:D

Meow: TT.TT And then the bad stuff happens all over again!

Zack: >.>; True......... zackpupreallywantplz  D'awww you care! ZackYayzPLZ for cloudycloud97 

Meow: T.T Of course I do you numbskull.....

Dante: Babe!......Don't I get any attention? I'm feeling left out....:/

Meow: Of course! :iconhyperglompplz: :meow:

Dante: :meow: We could go get a ro- *is whacked upside the head by meow*

Meow: T.T; 

As for Artwork......Reflections of a past life by meowmeowghs
Mine! I took this Photograph of one of my furry friends!
  • Mood: Insecure
  • Listening to: Art of Dying
  • Reading: Percy Jackson
  • Watching: T.T That would require an interest in whats on TV
  • Playing: Devil May Cry 3 and 4
  • Eating: Tomatoes
  • Drinking: Tea

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